Just a semi-finished sketch of some frolicking beefy centaur dudes, inspired by draft horses . :B 


Just a semi-finished sketch of some frolicking beefy centaur dudes, inspired by draft horses . :B 

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What Shakespeare really sounded like – linguists reconstruct a 400-year-old accent to remarkable results. For some Shakespearean reimaginings of a completely different nature, see Hamlet as a choose-your-own-adventure novel and if Shakespeare had written Star Wars.

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This is a list I made for YALSA’s The Hub on the wide range of YA literature featuring LGBTQ characters. See the full post and a downloadable pdf here


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The Necromantic Mysteries of Kyle Murchison Booth.


It is today the first of October, the official beginning of the Spooky Season, so I think that it is time to rec you my favorite of all favorite spooky stories.

A whole set of stories, in fact. Ghost stories, weird stories, stories of the strange things that live in the…

Fic Rec: Behavioural Modification



We are lucky in the Sherlock fandom to have a number of outstanding fics featuring a Sherlock somewhere on the asexuality spectrum (note well the word “spectrum”).  In Bendingsignpost’s fantastic fic Sherlock is a homoromantic asexual and a richly realized human being.  There is much more that is excellent (Molly!) as well, so click the link to read the full rec and access the fanfic.

One of my absolute favorite fics of all time, hands down.

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For Brandy, my fixed point in a changing age.


For Brandy, my fixed point in a changing age.

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First, one of the most observant men in the world thought John was flirting with him. Now, the most observant woman in the world thinks John is in love with Sherlock, just like she is, in defiance of sexual orientation. Look at us both. Neither of us are interested in men, yet we both want this one. 

The evidence is stacking up against you, John.

I like to think of this moment as a turning point, because he doesn’t deny it again after this. I mean, they’re still not a couple to way people think they are. But they might as well be, at this point. They’re a couple for all intents and purposes. No one means more to John than Sherlock does. They share flat, they sometimes share a room, they’re joined at the hip, and John loves Sherlock. And Sherlock loves John.

Irene is the one who must be jealous. John is the one Sherlock’s chosen. John is the one Sherlock talks to, even if he isn’t there. Sherlock always gets the last word, John says; their conversation never ends, but Irene can’t get one started. Sherlock sends John texts beckoning him, sends him texts when he goes for a walk on the moor, follows him wherever he goes. Irene’s texts go unanswered. John’s the one Sherlock has dinner with, in the end, even when he’s not hungry.

Irene turns out to be far more morally ambiguous than Sherlock is, heavily leaning toward the evil side even as she isn’t strictly evil herself. She’s willing to play with Moriarty if it serves her interests, in spite of the fact that he’s vicious and doesn’t care who will get hurt along the way. Innocent victims are his bread and butter. Irene doesn’t seem to mind that. Sherlock doesn’t mind either, per se, but he strives to prevent innocent victimhood all the same, not to participate in it. Irene choses to participate in chaos while Sherlock always choses to turn chaos back into order. Devil on the side of the angels? Perhaps. Irene is most definitely not on the side of the angels.

Knowing that Sherlock loves John, and that John loves Sherlock, she makes an extremely agressive play for Sherlock anyway. She knows what she’s disrupting. She knows she’s making john jealous and uncomfortable. She takes what she wants, that one. Or she tries to. She’s not even shy about it, not in the least.

Man, I love Irene.

Look at us both. Yes, indeed. She’s right: it’s a useful comparison. Sherlock isn’t interested in getting into bed with moral ambiguity, literally or figuratively. He’s got John, his north star of moral principle. Irene kisses Sherlock on the same spot John punches him: both of those actions are performed with love. And Sherlock, being Sherlock, chooses the straight forward punch over the complicated kiss.

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"I shall endeavour to find the most creative of endings for the doctor."

Edited by Amy Kinley.

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